dimanche 10 janvier 2010

false horizon

Where do you live?
In vigo, galicia, the north of spain

You often shoot people from behind, why ?
I think it is an uncoscious 'quirk' that i'm trying to correct, but there's
also an element of anonymousness that I like.

There are more than 400 photographs on your flickr photostream, it must
have cost you a lot of money to buy all those films ?

!! by the way i had to stop buying music

The landscapes are very important in your photographs, what is your
favorite place in the world ?

That I know maybe Las Bardenas Reales, some kind of desert in Navarra, but I dream of Iceland, Capadoccia, Canada...

How are you dealing with the winter?
I don't like it very much, in my city rains all the time, no snow no much
sun. I had to drive some hours to see extreme snowy landscapes

Your pictures evoke folk songs to us. Is that the kind of music you listen to ?
yes! my eyes and my ears are a sponge. by the way i have a music blog to keep both things together. weird folk is so visual, I always liked cover arts, collages, even more than music itself.
being in a vast lonely desert and hear the sound of your footsteps, the sandy taste is very similar to me to listen Free Country from Davenport, or being in a forest will always be Trees, Chants & Hollers form Valerie Webb & Paul Labrecque

What did you choose the name "coquinete" ? In French it names means both "naughty" and "mischievous" !
really!? jaja. the fact is that came from a little tasty french 'madgalenas' (muffins, cupcakes?) that i knew in Hendaya, first thing came to my mind. I never know which name to choose

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?
return all the phone calls and messages, reply soon all the emails

Ana on flickr

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